Sem and Online Advertising

What is SEM?

SEM: Search Engine Marketing Search engines such as Google show, for certain searches, sponsored results above organic results:

SEM: promotion with Adwords

These ads are managed from a platform that, in the case of Google, is called Google Ads.

The price of the ads usually has a freely eligible cost per click. Whether the ad appears or not will depend on several factors: the price we are willing to pay, the quality of the ad, how successful it is and the competition we have at any given moment.

What can be achieved with Ads?

It allows immediate visibility . Google Ads captures for our website a flow of qualified visitors that will leave our site with
sales, calls and/or subscriptions.

For small businesses, local commerce or niches with little competition, any company can manage its ads without much difficulty. However, when targeting a contested keyword or planning to invest significant budgets, you must have specialized help or risk losing more money than you make.

Adwords and Google Display specialist

Noergia's Method to achieve good results with SEM

Preliminary study

Search engine advertising does not work in all cases, so it is important to think beforehand about the product or service to be promoted and stipulate whether and with what weight there should be an investment in SEM. The target audience is determined, segmenting it as much as possible by age, gender, interests and location, and the appropriate type of advertising is determined.

A keyword study is carried out and terms are identified whose use in search engines implies a high probability of interest in the product or service offered.

Objectives are established with the approximate number of people to be reached and the cost of the operation is defined.

Landing pages

An aspect often neglected, even by professionals, is the optimization of the page where the ad will take the interested party, the landing page. There is no point in bringing a lot of traffic to a page if the content is not convincing.

Integration and measurement

To know if a campaign is working, you only need to look at sales. But rarely is a campaign very good or very bad from the start. Most of the campaigns can be improved. In order to improve it is essential to collect data and to integrate Ads with the analysis of the web through Google Analytics. At Noergia we tag calls to action with Google Tag Manager, create a data layer to activate e-commerce and apply CRO techniques to improve conversion.


Creation of different ads for each keyword combination. Calls to action. Matching type selection.

methodology of a Google Adwords project

Follow-up report

Success rates are tracked on a daily basis. From there we select the type of match, eliminate unprofitable ads and promote those that are profitable. A monthly report is made with all the data and the lines of improvement for the next month.

Synergies between SEM and SEO

Paid ads and natural search engine optimization complement each other, so it is interesting to manage the projects in parallel. Starting from a common keyword study, the SEM project will show the key terms that work best and that should be worked on in SEO. In the long run, SEO will replace paid ads by reducing the cost.

Search engine marketing campaign (sem)

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Online advertising

Do you need fast results, are you launching a new service, is your market hypercompetitive? Apart from SEM there are other digital advertising that can be the solution to attract new customers.


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