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SEO, or as its name suggests: Search Engine Optimization, tries to get the most out of search engines. Appearing on the first page of Google can be one of the best things to do for your business. Having an SEO service can significantly increase the number of potential customers that come to your website. Betting on an SEO service is never a bad option.

The best medium- to long-term strategy

SEO, unlike SEM, does not involve large investments of money beyond the contracted service and the purchase of certain links that give authority to your website. A good SEO strategy will guarantee authority and reputation to the brand, which will make it stay for much longer in a high position in search engines. In this way, by hiring a specialized SEO service you will be guaranteeing a medium-long term visibility and brand positioning that can bring you constant results in the future and a greater market share.

What do you get when you hire an SEO service for your business?

Hiring our SEO service can bring you many benefits that we will explain below. You will get more traffic on the Internet, of higher quality and with a higher possibility of conversion. In addition, you can combine it with our SEM service to further boost the development of this and thus get an even greater boost to your online presence.

You will be placed in the first positions of organic traffic in search engines, which are the best valued by customers. Many users don’t even pay attention to the paid results and go straight to the organic traffic. Any company can pay for these positions, but not everyone can appear at the top of the search engines. You will improve the valuation of your company with this service, thus attracting more customers.

In addition to this, it will give you a high return on investment; since the cost is independent of the volume of traffic you get. The price of the service is stable and will not change over time. With this, we will make sure that your traffic will improve unlimitedly.

We create content to keep your website growing. We study which are the most interesting contents for your clients and we orient our strategy to offer them information, products and services in the best possible way.

Your conversion rate will improve. A good SEO implementation of the right strategies will guarantee a higher conversion. We will improve the SEO positioning of your business for specific terms. This way, your website will attract more customers interested in your website and what it offers. Result: they are more likely to consume your products or services.

Get the most out of your SEO potential

Hiring our SEO service can bring you many benefits that we will explain below. You will get more traffic on the Internet, of higher quality and with a higher possibility of conversion. In addition, you can combine it with our SEM service to further boost the development of this and thus achieve an even greater momentum of your Internet presence.

Increased visibility on the Internet

As we have said before a good SEO strategy can help improve the visibility of a website in the search results of Google and other search engines. This can attract more organic traffic to the site, which can translate into more business opportunities. In this way, we will make your website increase its traffic and improve its presence on the Internet.

Improved traffic quality

Traffic coming from search engines is usually more qualified than traffic coming from other sources, since people searching on the Internet are usually more interested in finding what they are looking for. We will try to make the people who come to your website the ones who are potentially most interested in what you have to offer.

Higher conversion rate

A website optimized for search engines tends to have a higher conversion rate, as it attracts people who are genuinely interested in what is being offered. As we have explained before, organic traffic from an optimized website is usually of higher quality. If we work to increase that quality of traffic, your conversion rate will potentially increase.

Better brand positioning

Getting your website to appear as soon as possible in Google results provides a good brand image. It means that you are committed to it and that you try to offer the best possible services. We will work to increase the positioning of your brand by making it more and more visible to your customers on Google. In this way, we will make your brand positioning in the market increase and become a reference. The organic results are less variable than the paid ones, so we guarantee stable and safe results, so that you always appear as high as possible in your customers' searches.

Better return on investment

All these advantages can translate into higher profitability for the company, as more qualified traffic and higher conversion rates can lead to more sales and higher profits. In this way, hiring our SEO service can increase your profits in the long term. We will improve your brand image and its positioning. In addition, as it is more stable than SEM, changes in Google positions will be less frequent and you will be able to stay for a longer period of time obtaining a good profitability.

How we do an SEO audit at Noergia

We perform a detailed analysis of the website that allows us to identify its strengths and weaknesses, the aspects to be optimized and those that directly need to be changed. This analysis is performed to lay the foundations on which we will proceed to implement the SEO optimization strategy. It analyzes the two aspects that affect the positioning of a website: On-page and Off-page SEO.

We will make all the necessary changes within your website. The aim is to get the best possible performance from the aspects found within the website, thus achieving maximum optimization.

This aspect is one of the most important of all our audit, as it will dictate the terms we will have to bet on and the decisions we will have to make, we will perform a keyword research to determine the keywords that your web page should target to rank as high as possible. We will attack them by including them in the key objects marked by search engines and creating specific content for each intention. In this way, we will ensure that we try to improve the positioning of your website in the searches that can bring you the most benefit.

Of course, a website that does not have interesting content that satisfies the needs of customers will not be positioned correctly. We offer a professional content creation service, focused on compensating the right content for Google with the right content for the client; because if it is not for one of the two, we will not get the desired results. This content creation service will make us create new articles for your blog (if you have one), we will study the right way to write the texts adapted to your client (copywriting) and we will try to add new content to your website whenever possible.

Another process that will be carried out with the audit is to determine the response codes given by your website. We will crawl it looking for 404 and redirects that will allow us to know the changes that have been made in the web, and we will correct the possible failures that may be in them. We will make sure that your web page does not give any error and we will guarantee its correct functioning.

This section refers to all the actions that can be taken outside your website that are related to SEO. We will make the most of the links that refer to your website and structure them so that they are as appropriate as possible.

With this service we will try to link your website to pages that bring great authority and value to your pages, so you can increase your reputation and positioning on the web. We have great professionals, so you do not have to worry about loss of reputation or associations of your website with others of dubious credibility.

We focus on the most important elements of SEO

Among the most important elements of SEO we can find crawling, indexing, content and popularity. We will pay detailed attention to each of these aspects to ensure the best procedure in our SEO strategy.

We facilitate the crawling of your website

Crawling is the step that marks the beginning of your website's existence in Google's database. We will make everything easier for Google to crawl, and we will even block the pages that we are not interested in showing to Google so that you won't have any problems related to your website. We will prepare the structure and content of your website to make it more easily crawlable by Google robots. This will make your website rank better and be more easily analyzed by search engines.

We improve your indexing

This step, as its name suggests, consists of Google entering the crawled page in its index based on its content and relevance. It is the most important of all, as it will determine whether all the work we have done is of any use, and will bring us the benefits we are looking for. We will make sure that all your pages are indexed correctly and we will make sure that they are as high as possible on the Google results page.

SEO content writing

Content is one of the factors that determine the relevance of our website. As we have said before, we will guide you to create the most appropriate content and make Google position your business as high as possible; in addition to creating content that is pleasant for the customer and that ends up leading to the conversion we are looking for. With a proper content strategy your website will stand out from the competition, as it is a professional strategy that seeks to "like" Google to better position your business.

Increasing the popularity of your website

The popularity of a page makes a difference when it comes to obtaining a better positioning. The more quality links our website has, the better it will be for us; so we will get more authority and we will be able to be found in the highest positions of the search engines. We will professionally monitor the popularity of your website to know what it is, where it comes from and how to improve it. Thanks to our SEO service we will improve the popularity of your website by creating content, managing the backlinks that refer to your website, and generating new links to ensure that our website gains authority in the right way.

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