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The term SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, and as its acronym indicates, it is in charge of marketing campaigns on search engines. Appearing in the first results of Google is very interesting for any company. There is no better way to guarantee these positions than with an SEM campaign. We offer you a professional service with which you will appear in the best positions for the terms you are most interested in.

Short-term results of SEM campaigns

SEM campaigns are the best way to obtain short-term results. If you need to relaunch your website, sell a product you are interested in or simply increase your web presence, digital advertising campaigns are the best way to get fast and significant results. In addition to this, the products or pages you want to promote will be offered at the right time to your potential customers, so the segmentation achieved with a strategy of this type is very large.

How does online advertising help your business?

Online advertising is a very effective way to grow your online brand value. It guarantees a greater presence on the web and a very significant short-term return on investment. SEM campaigns are the best option to segment your audience and offer your products or services in a more personalized way. In addition, this type of campaign makes all the contents of your website that you are working on more viewed and increases its popularity.

Budget adjusted to each digital advertising project

Each SEM project is different and from our agency we offer personalized advice. It is recommended that you perform an SEM audit with us so that we can make a much more effective quotation. We will study the keywords for which you should position your business, and in this way we will be able to determine what is the recommended amount you should invest. We will try to offer you the best possible quotation and we will modify it according to your business needs. Our assistance is 100% personalized and we seek to collaborate in the most effective and bearable way possible.

Immediate results of your SEM campaign

Thanks to the immediacy of advertising campaigns you will be able to obtain results effectively and quickly. The changes of an advertising campaign are made in real time, so that almost the day after starting your campaign you will be able to obtain results. It is very important to highlight the speed of these campaigns, because thanks to the instantaneousness of the Internet, sales can begin to be achieved the next day. For this reason, we believe it is a very interesting method to use for a company and we also recommend that it be complemented with a more sustainable long-term strategy such as SEO.

Sell more through digital advertising

Increased brand presence

By showing our website in the highest positions of the search page our web presence will undoubtedly increase. In this way you will constantly offer your products since, unlike SEO results, the positions of the ads vary less and they are always fixed in the first results. A good SEM strategy will increase the visibility of your brand and with it, your visits and sales.

Increased traffic

The first positions of the results pages are the ones that obtain by far the most results. A customer will probably not do a search deeper than 3 pages, and therefore, the higher your company appears in the SERP (results page) of Google, the better. At Noergia we guarantee that your website will appear among the top search results. The ads have a reserved section in the SERP and will appear at the top, so they will be the first pages visited by your potential customers.

Increased sales

Increased traffic will increase the number of potential customers coming to your website. These potential customers are more likely to spend money on your website than your regular web traffic, so they will increase your sales quickly and effectively. In addition, another advantage of SEM is the segmentation of your customers, so you will get more segmented customers and with a potential interest in your services greater than organic traffic.

Customer segmentation

At Noergia we work on SEM campaigns in the most specific way possible. We believe that betting on generic terms means having excessive competition that may not be interesting, so we will try to bet on keywords that return a great benefit at the lowest possible cost. By betting on this type of keyword, we guarantee that the customers that reach your services or products will be the ones that can bring you the most benefits.

Measuring results

Thanks to the results analysis tools offered by Google or the professional tools we have, we will be able to see if the results we are obtaining are adequate or not. We will also be able to analyze the reasons for the problems, and thus correct them and optimize the strategy. The analysis of results gives us many benefits; since it helps us to know why a campaign is working, what is failing, and whether or not the campaign is really being effective, so that we can modify it in the right direction if it is.

Perfect compatibility with an SEO strategy

SEO strategies involve a long lead time and a lot of content creation. What’s the point of creating content if no one is going to see it? Thanks to SEM, the SEO content you create can be seen immediately, thus accelerating the positioning process and generating more traffic on the web. Undoubtedly, SEM is the perfect tool to coordinate with an SEO strategy, since it accelerates its results and complements it in the best possible way.

Our Google Ads service

In Noergia we work with Google Ads as the main weapon for our digital advertising service. We believe that the most efficient and profitable campaigns are the ones that are carried out in search engines and that is why we offer you the following campaigns:

Ecommerce campaigns

This campaign is oriented to online stores. We will promote the most profitable products for your business and make your return on investment as efficient as possible. In this way, your products will be better positioned and will be able to reach your potential customers more effectively and profitably. When searching for a product on the Internet, a module of related products will be displayed, where we will make your products appear as soon as possible so that they are easily accessible to customers.

Google Search Campaigns

With this campaign your website will appear at the top of the search results page thanks to keyword bidding. Advertisements will be created on your website that will mean a strategic advantage over your competitors; since they will not be able to reach the same positions by organic traffic. Being in the first positions means getting a much higher traffic; since no person enters all the websites that are offered on the first page of Google.

Campaigns for Google Display

This means that advertisements of your company will be created on other websites. Thanks to this campaign, banners of your company will appear when your potential customers browse the web. Google does this by identifying the preferences and tastes of your customers, causing the most interesting ads to be shown to each person.

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