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especialista marketing digital asturias
Laura García Jabardo Community Manager
especialista en SEO y online marketing Raúl Rivas
Eva Llorca, community manager y redactora de contenidos
Salomé Álvarez, marketing digital

Fernando Fominaya

Founder of Noergia in 2011. He has been former CEO of several companies. He specialises in combining management knowledge with online marketing techniques, helping our clients to increase their sales and optimizing their processes with small investments.

His love for books lead him to develop the book discoverabilty tool Mylibreto, which intends to change radically the way books are promoted.

Fernando lived in France and Germany. He has grown there a grid of partners that allow him to offer Spanish companies to open foreign markets by means of digital internationalization. He is an authorized online marketing consultant of ICEX, the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade. His profile in Linkedin.

Laura García Jabardo

Laura is an expert community Manager. She studied Audiovisual Communication and holds a master in Inbound Marketing and Ecommerce by the Inesdi Business School. She has formerly worked in publishing, fashion and  cooperation with underdeveloped countries. Laura loves traveling so much, she spent a full year of her life traveling around the world.

Raúl Rivas

Raúl specializes in online marketing for business. He has worked as Social Media Coordinator and SEO Content Writer in Malta. He has a degree in International Commerce and Marketing. Raúl loves innovating in social media campaigns.

Eva Llorca

Eva has worked for years in publicity and public relations. She has a broad experience in the 2.0 world as an online marketing specialist for businesses. Eva is a great content curator, in fact she has written most of our blog’s posts.


Salomé Alonso Quirós

Saloméis a student of Commerce and Marketing at the Universidad Laboral de Gijón. She makes an internship developing skills in SEO, community management, and content curation.

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