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Are you thinking of making a website? An online store? Promotion on social networks?

The Internet has enormous potential to improve a company’s processes, especially those of marketing.

But to be successful, you must combine business knowledge with an understanding of how the Internet works. Noergia provides its clients with the knowledge necessary to achieve a rapid ROI with the minimum investment in the online business.

Sales platform optimization

Most digital stores never minimally meet the expectations of their owners (see Why my online store does not sell ). We carry out studies of any digital sales platform using web analytics, insite and offsite SEO, online advertising, usability, analysis of the message, etc. We implement a list of improvement actions to increase the conversion by significant percentages.

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promocionar una marca o producto

Reputation Improvement

Certain companies are especially exposed to very negative reviews, justified or not, that make their way on social networks and even the first pages of search engines, so that the first thing someone looking for the brand reads is dire information.

Brand and product visibility

A company that wants to sell online and in traditional markets must have a brand and products visible in digital media. The aim of Noergia is to propose how to increase the visibility of the brand and products.

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Launch of New Projects

When a company undertakes a digital project, selling shoes online, marketing consulting services or promoting financial products, the most important is not the idea but the development of a viable business model.

To find the suitable model, both income and costs must be worked out. Too often, we have seen companies over-invest in technology platforms while brand and product promotion ran out of funds.

At Noergia, we favour creating a minimum viable product with a limited investment, gathering experience with that product and not starting to scale the project until all its variables are known.

Our tools

We have them both conceptual and technological:

Examples of projects:

web de empresa con globos

Creation of webpages

We study keywords and advise the client in the composition of copywriting and calls to action. From there, we create the structure and design of the website on the WordPress platform.

Our best articles on Web Design .

Once up and running, the web must be continuously optimized. For that, we use CRO techniques.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Appearing in search engines for the search terms of your business guarantees the arrival of potential clients on your website. Noergia identifies those terms and looks for ways to rank your business in the first positions of Google.
We do two types of SEO:

  1. Insite SEO
  2. Offsite SEO (Linkbuilding)

Our SEO projects have even multiplied by four times the visits to an established website.

Proceso SEO Gijón - Asturias

Social Media Management

How to get your message to thousands of potential clients? Multiple audiences coexist on social networks. Our job is to find yours and direct the right messages to it.

We manage and enhance your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account.

We know how to reach your community and we have the tools to do it with strength.

Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is the best way to repeatedly reach a potential customer and fix our brand in their subconscious.
Even with the many emails that the average Internet user receives today, the mailing list is still the most powerful marketing tool in the digital world.

Noergia designs the best system so that your offer reaches thousands of interested parties.


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