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How to get new customers? We have a method

The Internet has enormous potential to improve a company’s processes, especially those of marketing.

But to be successful, you must combine business knowledge with an understanding of how the Internet works. Noergia provides its clients with the knowledge necessary to achieve a rapid ROI with the minimum investment in the online business.

We have a method that may take more or less time, but it always leads to the highest turnover at the lowest cost.

Because we leave nothing to chance:

1. We understand who the customer is and find out where he/she is.

On the Internet the potential market is enormous, so for every product or service, there is a community of customers willing to buy.

The question is how to find them and open a communication channel.

2. We optimize digital presence

When the right communication channel is found with the potential customer, he will see our website or digital store. It must meet a minimum of requirements to encourage our visitors to become our customers:

girl of the 20ies saying buy now

3. Reaching potential customers

We start up the digital machinery. We search in different channels for the potential customer:

promocionar una marca o producto

4. Measurement

Which channel is bringing in real customers?

Is it Facebook? Do they come because they find products or services on Google? Or through advertisements in digital newspapers?

To find out, we measure EVERYTHING. With millimetric precision. That’s why we know exactly what’s going on:

  • Which channels send simple curious visitors and which send real interested parties, who become customers.
  • How much does each acquired customer cost.
  • Are there parts of the process that are losing customers? Should anything be changed in the message or in the navigation?

With this information, we return to point number 1, in an iterative process that always leads to the optimum.

creando estrategias digitales

Our tools

Our method is not available to everyone, because it requires advanced knowledge of techniques, concepts and tools. Those are only available to top specialists in:

Examples of projects:


Web Design

Websites with clear messages, intended to sell. We carry out a keyword study and advise the client on text curation, messages and calls to action. From there, we create the structure and design of the website on a WordPress platform.

If you want to get yourself informed, visit our blog about web designing.

Once up and running, the web must be continuously optimized. For that, we use CRO techniques.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Appearing in search engines for the search terms of your business guarantees the arrival of potential clients on your website. Noergia identifies those terms and looks for ways to rank your business in the first results of Google.

Our SEO projects have multiplied by four times visits to established websites.

SEO Process Spain

Social Media Management

How to get your message to thousands of potential clients? Multiple audiences coexist on social networks. Our job is to find yours and direct the right messages to it.

We manage and promote your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram accounts.

We know how to reach your community and we have the tools to do powerfully.

Content campaigns

Good content is the basis for success on the Internet

We write articles on almost any topic for our clients’ blogs. The texts improve ranking in search engines and are also used to create newsletters. We convert them to different formats that go viral on social networks.

For example a blog article becomes a post for social networks, a carousel and a mini-video:





video para redes sociales
Play Video about video para redes sociales

Digital Advertising

Advertising on the different Internet platforms is fundamental support for any project to promote a product or service and almost the only way to obtain quick results. However, if poorly managed, it can also become a bottomless pit that swallows up a project’s resources.

We professionally manage advertising in Google Ads, Display network, YouTube and the main social networks. Guaranteed results month after month!

Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is the best way to repeatedly reach a potential customer and fix our brand in their subconscious.
Even with the numerous mailings the average Internet user receives today, the mailing list remains the most powerful marketing tool in the digital world.

In addition, starting from e-mail marketing we can develop a marketing automation project.

Noergia designs the best system so that your offer reaches thousands of interested parties.


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