Statistics are stubborn. They say that once you publish a book, most probably it will be read only by your family and your friends. And not many more…

However, every writer dreams of landing a bestseller. And, certainly, there are always the happy few that succeed. In fact, in order to get attention and a rapid spread, your book should meet two main conditions:

We can’t help you to make your book liked, it is not our business. But we can help you to

What do we offer to writers?

The best ally nowadays for an unknown writer is the Internet. The Internet is populated by search engines, social networks, reader communities that look for compelling books and a lot more that can help to spread your word. Noergia is the partner that helps you in this mishmash. Here is what we do:


It’s not the same promoting a novel as promoting an essay, it’s not the same aiming at a bestseller as aiming at a niche novel. Who are the target readers? How can they been reached? What tools should you use? What’s the right price?

Noergia helps authors to define a strategy and a land it in a marketing plan.

Estrategias digitales para escritores

Basic online presence

Although no universal recipe exists for the success of any author, there are certain good practices that help to make a writer become fortunate. A good way to start normally is creating an author’s blog or feeding your own social networks: you write about your books, your opinions and experiences and you start forging a community of followers. While creating a personal brand, a basic requirement, your contents will attract search engines and seduce potential readers.
Designing a blog or managing a Facebook account needs skills, time, and effort. That’s where we can help:


  • Design
  • Usability analysis, information architecture and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Content strategy.


  • Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ account design.
  • Account management according to the aimed strategy, community growth.


E-mail converts visits into sales better than any other method. But you need time and skills to do it the right way. We can help:

  • To design the newsletter.
  • To figure out a content strategy.
  • To set up an autoresponser system.
  • To implement the most efficient converting techniques.

Escritor sorprendido ante el reto digital

Other tools

There are a thousand available tools. Some are free, others have a price, all of them have a cost. Which of them are worth using? When should you choose to pay? How do you make different tools work together?
Tell us about your dream, we can help you! Call us or write to

Las futuras herramientas de venta y promoción del libro


In Noergia we have wondered whether it is possible to get a great visibility of a book without having to invest huge amounts of time in learning about social media, about book marketing, and about all the necessary tools. Thus, we have invented a highly innovative book marketing platform: Mylibreto.
The main strengths of Mylibreto are its capacity of ranking high in search engines and that it can be embedded everywhere the way videos are, thus leading visits to a book. Read more about Mylibreto.
You can also watch it on video: Video of Mylibreto

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