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Promoting  books successfully has become especially hard recently. Although more books are edited every day, sales are suffering an overall drop nearly everywhere in the world. Whatever kind of books you sell, it is important to understand the underlying reasons for the current book decline.

¿Why do books perform that bad?

We are evolving towards a knowledge based society, so globally selling fewer books is a rather surprising and anti-intuitive circumstance. Lazy readers?, piracy?, oversupply of titles? There are a great deal of opinions. We think we are facing a revolution in how people decide how they act, what they do, what they spent their time with, and what they buy. Now they take their decisions in front of a screen: computer, tablet, phone,… And you know what? Books are not there. Sure, you can find them in Amazon, in literary blogs, in networks like Goodreads. But you must actively look for them. They don’t appear on search engines (give it a try, ask Google for World War I, for instance; how many books do you get?) and they are seldom shared on social networks (who wants to share the Amazon site of a book?). You don’t stumble upon books in your normal life, and that’s the problem.

However, we think this situation can be overcome and a bright future is awaiting books. But things must be done in a different way. We must eventually forget part of our hard acquired convictions and start a long and hard adaptation process.

At Noergia we are preparing the tools that will help you to manage the visibility of books in the Internet.

Book promotion

A publisher nowadays has to promote books, both on- and offline, with less means and less sales than before. A tough job, but a few are doing it well.

Online promotion has its own rules, secrets, and good practices. Noergia advises publishers to define goals and strategies and helps to implement the resulting processes. In particular we assist with:


To design a strategy for a given book is relatively easy. Doing it for different books, each one with its own audience and peculiarities, and with an austere budget is much more difficult. Noergia helps publishers to choose a set of actions and tools to achieve success.

Estrategias digitales de crecimiento para editoriales


Is your web optimized for search engines? Why does your online shop sell little?  How could you improve your blog? How to set up e-mail marketing? We help publishers to answer these questions.

Especialistas en desarrollar la plataforma digital de una editorial


Facebook, Twitter or Google+ are social networks where a publisher needs to be, although there often is a lack of time and resources.  We know how to increase interactive reader communities for our clients.

Crear comunidades de lectores y gestionarlas


Very soon only those who know how to work with the digital opinion leaders are going to succeed selling books. Literary blogs, online book reviews or well known book critics are hard to find.  Noergia has developed Mylibreto, a highly innovative tool  that allows you to find and manage partners. The main strengths of Mylibreto are its capability to rank books high in search engines and that it can be embedded everywhere the way videos are, thus leading visits to a book. Meanwhile, Mylibreto generates a huge amount of the data publishers need to take decissions. Read more about Mylibreto.

You can also watch it on video: Video of Mylibreto

Aumentar la visibilidad de un libro exponencialmente.

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