Health Marketing

Marketing for practices, clinics and companies in the health sector

Treat the patient well, make professional decisions, encourage recommendation from mouth to ear and convey an image of seriousness. This is exactly what any practice, clinic or hospital has to do for years to secure a clientele. And this is exactly the same when you want to expand your business by reaching new groups through digital media.

Building trust and transmitting professionalism

Noergia brings the experience and knowledge in communication of medical environments and provides the tools to reach future patients of our customers with the right message.


Each health center has its own limited number of specialties. What is the target audience? How to reach them? What tools to use? How to interest and seduce them?
Noergia makes a diagnosis and helps the centre to define its strategy and to translate it into a marketing plan.

Noergia Digital Médico-Sanitario

Tools for digital promotion

Although there is no universal recipe for every clinic, there are certain good practices that often lead to success: Having an Internet presence through a website and social network accounts is the starting point: publishing content of interest to patients, getting it to appear on search engines, and advertising it in the appropriate digital media are often part of a successful strategy.

Design of medical websites


Appearing in high search rankings for the main keywords that describe your services is not only an inexhaustible source of new patients, it is also an important contribution to your clinic’s reputation.

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SEM + Digital Advertising

Do you need fast results? Do you launch a new service? Is your market hypercompetitive? Digital advertising can be the solution to attract new patients.

Conversion of visitors into patients

A visitor to the web can become a patient … or not. Everything will depend on how well you charme the ongoing patient and that there is no “friction”, i.e. the patient is not troubled with doubts or does not find  technical errors that make him flee to more friendly websites. Noergia specializes in visitor to client conversion techniques. We are certified by the Institute Conversion XL.

Noergia is certified as Conversion Optimizer by the CXL Institue
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Copywriting of medical text

Other services

Reputation improvement

No one is perfect and we all have customers who have had a bad experience with our service. Sometimes a negative comment can appear in the least appropriate places, for example on Google when searching for the name of our clinic.

Active listening

Social networks are a good place to find out what’s being said about a clinic or medical practice. The best way to avoid attacks on a brand is to intercept them soon, the best way to improve our service is by listening to the patient.

aplicación móvil para el sector médico

Apps for health businesses

Mobile applications are an important tool for customer service and promotion of a clinic’s services. Training apps, risk calculators, videocall appointments or medication management are just a few examples of applications that make life easier for the patient and place your clinic in a relevant place, the mobile screen of your patients.

Managing social networks of clinics

For a clinic to have a large community of followers is not only a continuous nursery of patients, but it is a wall of contention for future problems because your best attorney is a satisfied patient.