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Going out to meet new markets is no longer necessarily synonymous with expensive trips to international trade fairs, trips in search of suppliers or opening branches in distant countries.

Online media now allow companies with a certain type of product a more subtle, more controlled and, above all, cheaper and easier to digest approach for the organization than traditional internationalization. The key is to create remotely, with the help of online media, the three elements that are the basis of the conquest of a new market:


If there are companies that do not have a physical presence and operate exclusively on the Internet but sell in droves, there is no reason why any company should not do the same. A website adapted to the target country with, for example, an online store with a few selected products and a minimum logistics process to guarantee deliveries is as valid a starting infrastructure as having a warehouse on site.
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Only those who are sufficiently well-known will sell. Visibility is achieved with a good product proposal and advertising in the right environments. Content marketing, presence in search engines and social networks can create a small community of followers around a brand.


No trust, no sale. In the absence of a visible face, trust is achieved in digital media through repeated contact with community members, answering their questions and providing valuable information.

Once the three pillars established, the internationalising company will have, at the very least, very valuable answers to some fundamental questions:

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In many cases, sales are also obtained and, therefore, an embryonic market. Another advantage is that from this embryo, growth in the target country can be managed in such a way that the company’s structure has time to adapt, since the new market will require employees with language knowledge, new logistic processes and adequate financial tools.

Our digital internationalisation services

Noergia’s functions in the internationalisation process are:

Oliver Rüter
Oliver Rüter
General Manager of Cretschmar Cargo
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Cretschmar Cargo has been working with Noergia for more than three years. With Noergia, we have a single qualified supplier for all our digital marketing (web design, content creation, SEO, SEM, social media and strategy) and also for the three languages in which our company operates: German, Spanish and English. And all this with a quality-price ratio that is hard to find in Europe!
Martín Casado
Martín Casado
Sales Director Asturmadi
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Asturmadi has been working with Noergia since 2020 on the international promotion of its products. Thanks to an international SEO project we have managed to position our products in the first pages of search engines in four languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. Noergia also manages our digital advertising in these languages. In this way we have achieved a coverage that in the last year has provided us with hundreds of business contacts around the world.
Albert Jané
Albert Jané
CEO Vytrus Biotech
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Very satisfied with the service received. Very good communication and attention from Noergia, being their appreciations and comments at all times very clear. Especially noteworthy was their quick understanding of our biotech business and our vision, both of which facilitated the process and made it very smooth. Its internationalization report is very clear and concise, without being extensive, it covers each aspect in a very clear and practical way for a simple and compatible application with our daily life.

Internationalization Courses

Noergia offers face-to-face and webinar courses on international marketing. See the program and conditions.

Export subsidies

There are national and regional agencies that subsidise SME digital internationalisation projects. – Ask us!


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