Online internationalization of companies


Selling abroad does not mean anymore expensive booths at fairs, visiting potential providers or setting up an office in distant countries.

The online world allows companies to start international sales more controlled and cheaper than traditional internationalization. The key to success is met by means of an online presence. The three fundamental key points are:


There are companies everywhere selling successfully without a known store. They use the Internet.

So why shouldn’t you try your luck in the same way when aiming at foreign markets? For instance, an online shop with a few selected items and a lean logistic process to guarantee deliveries may be as valid for starting an activity in a foreign country as opening a local store.

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Brand awareness is indispensable for selling. Awareness might be obtained with a good product and publicity using the right media. Content marketing, search engine optimization and social networks can considerably help to create an initial small community of followers of a brand.


Without trust, there is no deal. Getting trust of potential buyers without a physical presence is not easy, but neither is it impossible. Constant and repeated contact with the follower community through social media, providing good content and advice and answering questions, builds trust and facilitates the first deals.

Once the three pillars have been established, the company that internationalizes will have, at a minimum, very valuable answers to some fundamental questions:

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In many cases, first deals are made, thus obtaining the beginnings of a market. The growth of this small market might be driven with caution to allow the company’s structure to adapt to new processes, to the need of language skills, and to get appropriate financial tools.

Our Online Internationalization Services

Noergia’s functions in the internationalization process are:

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Daniel Martinez
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Noergia helps us promote our logistics company in Europe. It has an excellent online marketing service in Spanish, English and German.

Internationalization Courses

Noergia teaches face-to-face or webinar courses on international marketing. See the program and conditions.

Export aid

There are national and regional organizations that subsidize projects for the online internationalization of SMEs.

Aid for internationalization in Spain: ICEX

We are consultants approved by the Institute of Foreign Trade for digital internationalization. You can also hire us through the Icex Next service.

Aid for internationalization in Aragon: AREX

Noergia is a Online Internationalization agency approved for the AREXDIGITAL program. AREX subsidizes up to 50% of the design and execution of an international marketing plan.

Aid for internationalization in Navarra

Noergia provides advisory and international marketing services for Navarrese companies through the Internationalization Bonds for Navarrese SMEs.

Aid for internationalization in Asturias: IDEPA and ASTUREX

Noergia provides consulting and international marketing services for Asturian companies through the Development Institute of the Principality of Asturias ( IDEPA ) and the Trade Promotion Agency of the Principality of Asturias, ASTUREX

Xpande, internationalization program of the chambers of commerce

The chambers of commerce in each region can offer support for digital marketing plans for SMEs and the self-employed. Take for example Xpande Murcia .

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