Conversion optimization


Conversion is defined as any measurable relevant action taken by a visitor on a web page. The action can be subscribing to the newsletter, sending a contact email, or purchasing a product.

A conversion has to generate money for the company sooner or later.

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What is conversion optimization?

It can be easy or difficult for the visitor to make a conversion. If the whole process of presenting our products or services is simple, straightforward and intuitive, it is much more likely that our visitors will convert. A website with a high conversion rate is valuable because it wins customers.

When does a website sell?

Methods to increase the conversion rate

Usability test

Verification of the user-friendliness of the website.

Technical check

Elimination of technical errors and inconsistencies.

Sales process check

Verification that there are no technical impediments or comprehension difficulties due to defects in the contents.

A/B Tests

On a page essential to the sales process, changes are made on the assumption that they will bring about an improvement. The new page is tested against the original by alternately showing visitors one version or the other and measuring the resulting conversion on both.

Heat and click maps

By tracking the user's movements around the site, you can learn about their desires, fears and reactions.


Asking different types of users provides many indications of improvement.

How do we undertake a web optimization process?

Do you want a non-binding diagnosis?

We make a brief study of your website and tell you the improvement potential it has.

Optimización de la conversión