Online Marketing for businesses

The Internet unleashes a huge potential for improving business processes, particularly those related to selling. ​In order to succeed, a good knowledge of the business is needed together with a deep understanding of how the digital media works.

Online Marketing for Publishers

Promoting books successfully has become especially hard in the last years. Although more books are edited every day, sales are suffering an overall drop nearly everywhere in the world. Whatever kind of books you sell, it is important to understand the underlying reasons for the current book decline.



Selling abroad does not mean anymore expensive booths at fairs, visiting potential providers or setting up an office in Germany. ​The online world allows companies to start international selling in a more …


Online Marketing for Writers

Statistics are stubborn. They say that once you publish a book, most probably it will be read only by your family and your friends. And not many more. ​However, every writer dreams of landing a bestseller.​..

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